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03.04.2015 04:20, Lanny from Charlotte E-mail Homepage :
Thanks extremely helpful. Will share site with my friends.

My webpage :: candida diéta

24.04.2013 11:35, Rocco from Italia E-mail :
Hi there,
I was wondering if it's possible to talk with you and have my first lesson with you. I couldn't send you an e-mail but I would like to talk with you in private.
Thank you.


25.04.2011 11:18, Rhonda Wittmer from Vienna, Austria E-mail Homepage :
Hi, Susan,

Today, I was surfing your site for your address, etc. to prepare for our lesson tomorrow. If you would like to check out my blog (listed in the homepage field), it will give you a bit of information about me.

I hope you had a very nice Easter holiday. I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

My Best,


01.03.2011 11:23, Lia from Vienna Homepage :
Dear Susan,

its amazing what you do to my voice and my feeling about it, and my emotional development of my relationship to
my voice. The "carressing" of the sound inside is a beautiful imagery and helps a lot.

I am thankful I found you!!! Finally a teacher who knows that the voice and the body and the heart and mind are connected, and a teacher who knows how to put this knowledge of entity into practice with her students.

)( Lia

11.05.2009 11:25, Glenn Davies E-mail :
Hi. Love both your site and your daughter's. Gentleman Jim in previous comment, loves all sorts of music and also loves both sites.

Best Wishes.


11.05.2009 11:14, Jimstarman :

I am a friend of your cousin Glenn Davies whom I speak with on my computer in America using the program Skype.


27.01.2009 11:13, svetlana from France :
When I came to Susan's studio I had been studying for 3years and a half without any knowledge of breath support and I was terribly tensed. After a week of intensive course I had the surprise to be able to sing connected to the breath and without tension, actually I had new sensations from the very first day.

Of course it's not easy to find it again alone back home, that's why I came back two times for intensive training and I feel it's working better and better.

I keep on doing Susan's funny gymnastic each time I sing and it works really well. It avoids you to do long warming up exercices that tire the voice.

With Susan I realized that singing involves the whole body and that apart from that it's not that complicated, her gymnastic helps you softly to waken muscles you're not used to work.

I strongly recommand an intensive study at her studio and I hope to come back soon

16.09.2008 16:03, Sophie Edington-Cheater from England/Australia :
Having never taken singing lessons before, I took a semester of classes with Susan while I studied in Vienna. It felt like I was spending most of my time just having fun singing and making funny noises, but her techniques worked behind the scenes and I think that my control over my volume and tone (and consequently my confidence in my voice) have increased dramatically in so relatively short a time. Susan made singing stop feeling like hard work!
I had a lot of fun. Thanks :-)

Page: 1
Entries: 8
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